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they will be ready to go Home in June, 2023! 

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Please read through this Entire website before emailing us about a future puppy for you.

Sweet Dream Cavaliers - THE Perfect SMALL, RARE BREED, Family Companion!  Our Dogs Live with Us in the comfort of Our Home, socialized and loved by our nurturing family.  We can have all 4 colors !!

Welcome to our website - Please take a moment to read the ENTIRE website, it is PACKED with information on each page for you! 

Most of your questions will be answered after reading through the entire website.  But we are always available, and happy to answer your questions, after you do so.

We have stunning puppies available to qualified homes, ready to go homr in June!  Socialized, Adorable, Healthy & Loving!  We do our Very Best so YOU can get the Best!! 

 If you are Serious about getting a pup over the next few weeks or months, please read through our website to learn about us, and have loads of your questions answered.  Then please Fill out the "Puppy Questionnaire" in our website and email it back to us Quickly to robin.sweetdream@gmail.com    thank you. :)

For over 30 years we have been blessed to be with this amazingly sweet & smart breed.   
 We, as many other ethical breeders have been overwhelmed by the number of requests for pups now that families are home together due to Covid 19.  We ask that you Please be patient in trying to find your sweet cavalier pup.  Beware that puppy mills will probably increase their false advertising on the internet to eagerly sell you a misbred, unhealthy pup tomorrow.  PLEASE DO NOT be tempted to purchase an Internet, Mid-West dog that is Shipped to you, Back-yard breeder,  Newspaper, "Designer Mutt", Irish Import, Amish puppy milled pup that have FALSE or NO Parent Health Certificates & the Queens are usually bred to death.  They charge A LOT of money, and you will be paying A LOT more to try and keep the pup healthy through out its life.  We pray you & your loved ones stay safe & healthy during these unprecedented times.  Sorry - We do not do Waiting lists.
We will update this site when we do have pups available.
If you are Seriously interested in getting a cavalier:
1. Please read through the Entire Website to learn about Cavaliers, us & what we do in our home for our sweet cavaliers.  
2. Then,  EMAIL us to see IF we have pups available, and if so, then -
3. Please fill out the "Puppy Questionnaire" in this site.  These are the FIRST STEPS you need to take to having an amazing, well bred, healthy, socialized, friendly, playful, lovingly mushy family companion. :) 

It is Easy to fall in love with a "cute puppy face"!  What is even MORE important is to know What health tests were done and When.  You are NOT looking for a Heart Breaking Health Issue, Money Pit Dog!!   You ARE looking for a Healthy, Socialized, Loving, Beautiful Family companion.  That is what we have.  We do YEARLY BOARD CERTIFIED HEALTH EXAMS.  The internet is a tricky place and there are a lot of slick people out there looking to make a fast buck at your and the pup's expense with horrible puppy mills.  Do your research.  Google the East Coast Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders Club AND the CKCSC.org.  Those are the PARENT sites for Quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  We are ofcourse memebers.  We are an ethical group of dedicated professional cavalier owners that love and care for our dogs and will help you in any way possible to find the perfect pup!!!  Our dogs are also registered with the AKC for  local champion shows.

DON'T just fall in love with a cute face- your new pet's health is vitally important!  Buying a "Bargain Internet", "Irish Import", Puppy Store" , "Amish Puppy Mill", Midwest pup that will be shipped to you,  "Designer Mixed Breeds" or "Backyard Breeder" .  An ill bred Pup can cost you Many thousands of dollars in Vet bills, and cause you and your puppy a lot of pain and tremendous heart break to try and fix a sickly, misbred dog that may not even be a purebred cavalier! 

A Quality Pet from a Code of Ethics Breeder is a treasured Family Member.  A misbred, puppymilled animal is an emotional and financial heartbreak!  Through out time, and being a member in good standing with the CKCSC-USA, and AKC, unknowing owners of puppymilled cavaliers, purchased from pet store, backyard breeders, irish imports, no pedigree papered pups, have called me up over the past 25 years literally crying on the phone and telling me their individual horror story while spending thousands of dollars in vet bills for medications and all types of intense surgeries to try and save their beloved  - puppymilled pet.  After that awful experience, they realize they have been taken advantage of, and call a reputable breeder to find a family socialized, healthy, loving, purebred cavalier.  This happens everday - It is very sad for the dogs and owners - but true.  At Sweetdream Cavaliers we strive to add a loving, mushy, social,  pure-bred, healthy family member to your life.

We pay scrupulous attention to health details in our dogs.

Our Dogs have once again Passed their Yearly Board Certified Cardiologist and Opthalmology tests and are clear through the end of 2023.  YAY!  

Our dogs get yearly vet visits for overall healthy & are also tested for patella luxation and any hip abnormalities Yearly by a Chiropractor.  Our Dogs are also DNA tested.  

In addition we do NEW DNA tests that a lot of other breeders do not do.  After spending loads of additional money on our dogs for these extra tests, (what's new!), We are happy to Report that NONE of our dogs will pass on to their pups:

1. Curly Coat, or Dry Eye Syndrome OR

2. Episodic Falling Syndrome.

We are Not afraid of testing our dog!  When we do breed, we want to breed the best cavaliers G-D has to offer.  We are very diligent in our breeding program and look to breed the healthiest, well adjusted, happy, social, loving and beautiful cavaliers available! 

That's what dedicated hobby breeders do!

Statistically, grouping all cavaliers together into one pool, (well bred cavaliers by breeders who test their dogs regularly down to unfortunate puppy milled, subquality animals).  Approximately, 50% of all cavaliers will get a murmur by 5 years of age.  This is not a death sentence for cavaliers.  This is a common trait.  Grades of murmurs go from 1-6.  A dog with a low to medium grade murmur will likely show no outward signs, and will have a regular, LONG life.  Your vet will be able to check your dog as it ages to see IF it gets a murmur.  IF the murmur progresses to a high number, a vet may put the dog on medication.  Thankfully, None of Sweetdream cavaliers are on or have ever been on heart medications.  We ONLY breed cavaliers that are Heart Healthy for breeding !!!!!

To get a "BIGGER PICTURE" of things, EACH different breed of dog has "something" to worry about .  Every dog breed has potential health issues.  A LOT of the other "SMALL" breeds of dogs have the same issue as cavaliers, and actually a lot more to worry about, because they are Never Board Certified Health tested and you don't know what you are getting!  But most of the other  small breeds of dogs, and definitely  the ridiculous rage of "designer mutts" will NEVER be brought to a Cardiologist or Ophthalmologist like we do.  These unfortunate backyard breeder/puppy milled dogs, generation after generation get WORSE, with more and more inbreed health issues, NOT improved upon over time.  We  at Sweetdream Cavaliers "LOOK" and want to see if there are issues, so we can breed any potential issues OUT! This is a passion and commitment for us, not a job, and we've done it well for over 30 years. 


In the "Code of Ethics" requirement from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club-USA, and the Cavaliers of the North East, it is required that the dog be tested by a vet tech, a vet or a "Board Certified" dog cardiologist, and Board Certified" dog ophthalmologist  to give their stamp of approval on the heart and eyes of cavaliers every few years.   (On the form it lists who did the test).   It is MUCH cheaper for a breeder to go to a regular vet to get these tests.  But, they are great PCP's are NOT experts in this area of medicine, and can give Limited to NO accurate information as to the true health of a dog's eyes & heart.  Just like people, we feel "Specialists are Required" to do  in-depth testing to make sure the eyes & heart are fine and pass as healthy.  Plus, we test YEARLY, not every few years.   This gives Us and You Peace of Mind that with a yearly health full check-up, additional DNA testing, and the Board Certified Yearly tests, the parents are cleared of health issues, giving pups a fantastic foundation of health.  Over the past 30+ year with this amazing breed, we have always gone the HIGH ROAD with health testing.  These are our beloved dogs who are also therapy dogs and make a world of difference in peoples lives as pets and in our therapy program at special needs schools. 


We breed for the classic Blenheim (sparkling white and red patches), the expressive Tricolor (sparkling white with black patches and red markings), mahogany Ruby Red and can also produce the stunning, shiny Black and Tan pups. Each of our dogs are magnificently marked, have beautiful silky coats, and loving, large, dark, expressive eyes.  They have CHAMPION lineage and are striking to look at !!  We DO sell our Pups to families with Small Children.  We discuss safety parameters with parents.  Small children will naturally want to pick up, poke a puppy's eye or pull on a leg-tail or ear.  Cavalier puppies are very small & gentle - so certain safeguards need to be taken to make sure the puppy is not played with like a beany baby.  Constant Parental control and and proper gating are the keys - and we discuss this with all new potential buyers in detail.  We NEVER sell to pet stores or dog brokers !

Their temperaments are stellar !! 

Playful, yet calm and loving. This great RARE Breed does not have aggressive issues, they were orginally and are still bred as a "companion dog".  That's why they are amazing pets!  They were not bred for hunting, catching rats, guard dog, etc..  So unlike most breeds, the male and females are equally desirable for temperament, training and family companionship. They are also VERY intelligent, have a real "giving" nature and live to please their family, and are EASY to train in all disciplines.


The cavalier's coat (fur) in incredibly silky soft, long and lush.  Puppies have their soft short fur, with long ears and big button eyes.  Too adorable!  Cavaliers stay "puppyish" for about 2 years, but over the next few years, their coats grown in long and lush - but stop when the dog is fully mature at about 3-4 years of age.  They should not have dander problems is fed a high quality dry dog food like RAWZ Meal Free Food in Chicken - it's amazing.  NEVER WET FOOD - that will lead to diarrhea & rotting teeth. They can be bathed in the sink or tub with doggie or no tear baby shampoo and conditioner and towel dried in the summer and blow dried if you like "on the low setting" in the winter.  Cavaliers are a "Low Maintenance Coated Dog", we call them wash & wear.  They do NOT need expensive grooming which saves a lot of time and money.  They do need to be brushed a few times a week, and do shed, but with brushing their little bodies, it is kept to a minimum - but it is not needle fur like a Lab, and does not "become part of the comfy sofa fabric forever lol".

Puppies are BABIES: 

Puppies need care and attention to stay a social, loving part of your family.  Puppies eat 3 times a day with potty breaks through out the day.  New owners MUST be willing to devote the time needed to properly care for a puppy.  It's a constant repeatative job in the Beginning of taking the pup out every 1 - 1  1/2  hours to "go potty" for effective and quick potty training.  BUT REMEMBER - a puppy being potty trained is NOT going to wait 1 - 1/2  hours to poop or urinate - when they have to go - they will go!!!  That's why you need to be home to ALWAYS Supervise your puppy to see if he/she starts to circle round and round, sniffing the ground a lot of squatting - these are all signs that your puppy is ready to go potty!  If you work long hours and are not home to care for the puppy and do not have a plan in place to properly care for ALL the needs of a puppy, DO NOT consider getting ANY Breed of Puppy.  Puppies and cavaliers in general should NOT be left home alone during the day.  They THRIVE on human companionship and need someone home to love and be with.  NEVER crate a puppy or dog for any length of time greater than 2-3 hours.  This is inhumane and you will train your dog to become extremely unhappy, crying, barking, neurotic, unsocialized dog with a miserable life.  We never sell to such people. 

We are very selective to whom we sell to.  

We provide you with a lot of literature of proper crate training, potty & behavior training with each puppy.  We help to make the novice and expert :)  We never sell our pups on a first come, first serve basis.  We work with potential new owners to make sure a cavalier is a good fit for their lifestyle, work schedule and family.

At 8 weeks of age:

All our pups are given Conformation and Temperament evaluations.  This is to insure a high standard of overall quality to our buyers. 

We also bring them all to our Vet for a VERY thorough health examination & screening to make sure they are all super healthy for you.  New owners, of course, get a copy of ALL Health Certificates from the Pup AND the Parents. - we are transparent and have nothing to hide.  Your puppy will also get their first 5-1 shot and bordatella Nasal medication by us, and the rest of the shots your vet takes care of.   

Our Cavaliers are Sold at 9-12 weeks of age.  

They come home to you with having gotten 1 puppy shot (a 6 in 1 shot) and the nasal bordatella medication.  A lot of breeders for some reason that is beyond us, don't tell their potential customers that your pup needs ALL of its puppy shots and rabies shot BEFORE it can be walked on public domain (streets, pet stores, dog parks, etc.)  If you have a back yard that is fine - but if you don't that means you will have to paper train your puppy in your home until the pup gets all his/her shots.  How long will that take?  Cavaliers nurse for an extra long time - until about 6 - 6 1/2 weeks here.  This extra attention, love and behavior training from the mother dog is essential.  It also gives them extended immunity to 8 - 8 1/2 weeks of age which is when they get their first shot.  The 2nd shot is given 2-3 weeks later, the third shot and Rabies 2-3 weeks later, depending on what your vet recommends.  Then you are finished with shots until the pup is a year old.  Around one year of age, your pup just need a puppy booster and a rabies shot, each vet is different in when they give inoculation.  So doing the math, if all vet appts. are on time, your puppy can walk on public domain at around 16 weeks of age.   In New Jersey it is State Law that a Rabies shot cannot be given until a puppy is 16 weeks of age.  Different states will give the rabies shot at different ages.

Why the precautions? 

 On "Public Domain", If an uninoculated dog poops, goes nose to nose with your dog, or throws up outside and your pup steps in it or licks it (it does not have to be fresh to be harmful) - your partially inoculated pup can get very sick, or get parasites.  We have given many apartment dwellers the knowledge and product information needed to easily care for their puppies while going through the potty training stage.  Being a home owner with a yard is a whole lot easier though.  Being Home for your pup/dog is vital, cavaliers are very friendly & social!!

The cavalier is known as the "dog for all seasons".  They are equally happy in houses with yards or apartments in the city.  They are great with the elderly, kids and everyone in between.  They will be a loyal companion, but love everyone they meet.  They are considered a "miniature breed" but do not have that awful high pitched yappy bark (if they bark at all) and are not frail. They are a solid dog that loves to be patted & hugged.  They can easily be taught to fetch or become an amazing therapy or agility dog.  Our girls work as therapy dogs and perform mini miracles daily with the special needs population we help!!


The biggest challenge for some people is the cost of a well bred, healthy cavalier.  It is a RARE Breed of Dog.  Some people may have purchased a cavalier 10-13 years ago when the economy was different, and health testing was very lax & limited!  Or, you may have purchased from a pet store,  a puppy broker, the newspaper or a breeder.  Today with More Health Testing available, and being done by us and other ethical breeders the Health Standards and Costs are higher. That is what you are looking for!  Cavaliers are a VERY Popular dog, but a Well Bred, Healthy, Human Socialized, Friendly Pup whose Parents and Past generations have been Consistently health tested Yearly is NOT so common!!!  So there is a "sticker shock" with some people.  My Breeder friends with the Cavaliers Club and the AKC, (all of whom are also quality, ethical breeders) sell their puppies from between $6,800-9,000. We, at Sweetdream Cavaliers, sell our pups for $6,000, males and females, sometimes more if we breed out to Champion Stud dog. We prefer to be less expensive even though I can easily sell our pups for $7,000 since we have the health, temperament & amazing champion lineage in our lines.  Why then sell for 6K?  This amount of money is a stretch for most people & we want to make a great pup more affordable to more qualified families!  Remember a Cavalier is a Rare breed dog, a Well Bred cavalier is even Rarer.  As a quality hobby breeder, we are committed to spend thousands of dollars on Yearly extra health testing, Stud fees, special formulations of vitamins/minerals, and other things a regular pet owner will NOT have to do.  We go the extra mile to produce pudgy, healthy, social, happy, exceptionally well bred pups.  Why ?  This is our passion, we do it for You and the health of our puppies, for the next therapy dog and for the next champion.  We have longevity in our lines, so if you do the math, it will cost LESS than $500 a year for a loving, four legged amazing companion.  It is better to pay upfront for a Quality puppy with great lineage, than spend $10,000 - $20,000 in trying to "SAVE or "FIX" a "bargain" cavalier that should have never been born from a broker, puppy mill, amish, irish importer, midwest puppy mill or backyard breeder...  There is no bargain in getting a cheap cavalier - just heart ache & massive vet bills!  If you can't afford one, then begin saving up for one - it is well worth it!!

If you see a puppy on the internet or in the newspaper for less than that - Buyer Beware - IT IS MORE THAN LIKELY  it is NOT A HEALTHY ANIMAL and NOT even a Purebred - they will probably not be a reputable breeder, not have "real" pedigrees (yes they do forge them!) , or do YEARLY health testing on the parents, answer your questions honestly without an attitude, be a member of an established club, not have the mother/parents available, etc...  There are "no bargains" with a RARE breed dog.  You get what you pay for.  You can invest in a family pet that should give you years of happiness due to great breeding in temperment, health and beauty - that's who We are.  OR - go the "bargain" route and be faced with significant illness and expense, and emotional trauma in surgeries and medications.  We believe in providing a quality "family member" not a money pit pup.  

If a rare breed dog is too pricy for you, PLEASE go to your local Shelter and save a Dog's life.  There are many great dogs out there that need great homes!!  Or take your time, and save up for a cavalier, it's worth the wait!

We made a sweet slide show of Cavaliers for You and your family to watch.  This was made when Covid began and our Animal Assisted Therapy Program was temporarily on hold for a few months.  The kids needed a connection to our dogs, so this adorable video was made - Enjoy!!!   https://youtu.be/F2J3swdEgsI  
there are a few pictures of a white frizzy dog in the video - it is NOT a cavalier  or a cavalier mix - we DO NOT believe in designer mutts.  it is cute, but like so many other small breed dogs, this white dog is food aggressive, Yappy, uneven temperament, possessive, hard to train, etc. I put it in the video because this video was made when covid-19 just started and the special needs kids we work with, with Animal Assisted Therapy needed something to watch at home, so I borrowed this dog for a few pictures.

Keep Reading through our helpful website.  We are here to make your Cavalier experience a joyful one!!

If we do not have a puppy - be patient and go to www.EastCoastCavalierBreeders.com or the www.ckcsc.org and look for other quality breeders.  This is a RARE dog - you want a Quality family member, not a heart breaking, expensive health issue from an unknown internet sale - be patient - it will pay off!!!!!