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It took me months of careful search to find you and and we are glad we did! Flying to you From Canada and driving back up was quite the adventure, but our sweet puppy was such a trooper and was a delight on the trip. She settled in nicely and now weare enjoying her sparkling personality and sweet disposition. Thanks for really taking the time, money and patience to breed such incredible dogs. She is the love of my life.

Quotes Hi Robin - I thought I would give you an update on Dash's first year along with a few pictures. He is terrific and I am so lucky to be his owner!! He is such a friendly dog - he wants to meet everyone and every dog that passes by. His tail is constantly wagging and it's so nice to have a dog that everyone likes. He went to puppy and play classes and had a ball. He graduated from his "I'm a Big Dog Now" training in June. He's doing great on his commands. He's going to start the next training session this fall. Dash loves NH and as gone swimming in the lake. He is great with both my parents, but he is especially loves my Mom, which makes her day every time we visit!! I also want to mention that I've had a few people who know dogs well comment on how beautiful and well bred Dash is. Just thought you should know that all your efforts are noticed!! Hope all is well with you. Quotes
Theresa G.

Quotes continued... Also, your advice to me on the day I picked Mitty up was incredibly helpful. Your Breeder advise on how your raise your puppies and how to intergrate them into a family with children was right on the money! Things are working out perfectly! We are consistent with Mitty, but your pep talk to me about remembering that a puppy will work with my schedule, and in the mornings with taking care of the children, it was such a relief. Juggling everyone's needs had been weighing on me, and I want you to know what a difference you made in helping me relax and just enjoy the fun - and the chaos. Mitty's had several visits to the vet for his check-ups and shots. His health is great, he's fully vaccinated and his appointment for neutering is on the books. Thanks for all your great work. We are just loving him! Quotes
Kristin, Alex, Will, Doyle & Callie - Greenwich CT
Continued from Walter Mitty

Quotes I wanted to say hello and let you know how much we're enjoying Mitty. He's a sweetheart, and very popular in our neighborhood and extended family. He loves to play, and is great at fetching toys and bringing them back to us. He loves exploring, going for a run and curling up with us on the couch to chill out. Our children completely love him, he's sweet and gentle with them. They all run around and tire each other out. My 3-year-old keeps saying, "Mommy, I love having this puppy." I don't know what the heck you did to get Mitty ready to come home, but on his first night our little guy slept through the night in his crate (in our room) without a single peep and has been a dream sleeper ever since. He takes two naps a day and goes to bed at 8 pm. (He's exhausted after running and playing with the kids.) He sleeps till 7 am. If only my babies had done this! (Continued....) Quotes
Kristin, Alex, Will, Doyle & Callie
Walter Mitty - Best Dog in the World!

Quotes Hi Robin - I wanted to let you know that Dash is doing great. He is a truly wonderful puppy!! You did a great job socializing him. He loves people and happily greets everyone he meets. I thank heaven every day that I decided to pick a Cavalier and that I was able to get Dash from you. Thanks for all your help and for the great job that you do! Quotes
Lucky Cavalier Owner

Quotes Hi Robin, just wanted to thank you again forthe wonderful pup I bought from you. I am so glad I found you! Our Ruby boy is the talk of the neighborhood. No one has ever seen an all red cavalier over by me so he is quite unique and I get tons of compliments on his "great looks" and his sweet personality. Thank you for working so closly with me to choose the perfect dog for my life style. I will send more pictures soon! Quotes
Michael & Katie

Quotes I'm continuing here since it wouldn't let me finish in one. You'll also notice, if you check the list of Trick Dog Title Holders (http://domorewithyourdog.com/pages/titleholders.html), and scroll down to intermediate, he is the first, and currently the only, Cavalier to hold the Intermediate Trick Dog title. Since he passed his CGC yesterday, he gets to skip testing with his CGC class next week, and instead, we are going to meet a fly ball team. He loves to play fly ball, and has been doing great the past few months in his classes. Hopefully, he'll be racing sometime soon. Quotes
Jennifer Rosenblum
Luke's mom (aka Sweetdream A New Hope)

Quotes Hi Robin, I just wanted to give you an update on my guy, and share some of his achievements. Yesterday, I took him for CGC testing. Since I was already driving 45 minutes each, paying tolls, and it was only other $5, I figured we might as well also try the TDI test to get him certified as a therapy dog. I figured at worst, I would know what we needed to work on in order to pass next time. We had tried the CGC back in October, but he failed on the supervised separation. We have been in a training class for the past several weeks, and working very hard on all parts of the test, but especially this. Not only did he pass the CGC, but he also passed the TDI test. I'm planning to get him started soon with a local group that brings therapy dogs into the schools for reading. Quotes
Jennifer Rosenblum
Luke's mom (aka Sweetdream A New Hope)

Quotes Hi Robin, just wanting to tell you that the cavalier we bought from you 2 years ago is doing fantastic! We trained him with canine good citizenship and now go to old age homes and hospitals. He loves it!! Tell us when you're having another litter - we want another one so bad! Just like we joked about, 'cavaliers are like potato chips - you can't have just one"! But seriously, we are happy with his wonderful fun, loving personality, his great looks and his vet checks have been perfect! Our whole family says "Hi" ! Quotes
New Cavalier Owner

Quotes Ollie slept the whole night in his crate. He ate all his meals well, likes our senior dog Mister, and has just fit in totally as part of the family in less than a day. He only had one indoor accident all day. Loves the front lawn, but mostly wants to play, be held, and cuddle. Than you for this completely sweet, special pup. He is loved by all. In the morning When Ollie comes out of his gated area where he sleeps he will later go back in and drag everything out so he can play with the toys in the living room during the day. It is so funny to watch. Love that guy. Quotes

Quotes Hi, Robin; Reily is now 17 months and is perfect. He has brought such joy and love to our home. He has the sweetest temperament and is loved by all he meets. I can't say enough about this wonderful bundle of energy, love all rolled into one little handsome boy. So, glad we found you. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. The Tortora's... Quotes
Kathy Tortora
Happy Mom
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