Quality CKCSC-USA Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for Family pets, Therapy or Emotional Support


It took me months of careful search to find you and and we are glad we did! Flying to you From Canada and driving back up was quite the adventure, but our sweet puppy was such a trooper and was a delight on the trip. She settled in nicely and now weare enjoying her sparkling personality and sweet disposition. Thanks for really taking the time, money and patience to breed such incredible dogs. She is the love of my life.

Quotes Hi - we wanted to share with you that Sweetdream Brave Heart "Oliver" just got a new award in the World Cynosport Rally! Olive has his Level 1 Award of Excellence. He is 5 years old now.. We love Oliver so, so much. He really loves doing rally with me. He's so focused, wagging his tail the whole time. So proud of him! Thanks so much for bringing him into our lives. Quotes
Joy & Oliver
Blue Ribbon - New Title - Award of Excellence

Quotes This is our first dog! We are so glad we chose a cavalier, especially yours. You guided us through the process and gave us such sound advice and that great packette of information really helped out too! We want to train her to be a therapy dog and are excited about the process. She is so sweet, playful and gentle with the kids, even though she is just a pup! The x-pen for potty training outside made it extra easy to potty train her with the book you recommended. It was worth flying in from Canada to get such a well bred, sweet girl. Thanks so much again - we love our princess! Quotes
Erin & Rob
Soooo Happy!

Quotes Ruben is turning 2, we wanted to send you these photos to thank you again for giving us this sweet sweet boy. He is the gentlest gentleman, super cuddly, loves to be pet and as you can see in his model shot, very handsome. Thanks again from Vermont! Scott & Christine F Quotes
Christine & Reuben
So in Love!

Quotes Ruben is turning 2 march 6, we wanted to send you these photos to thank you again for giving us this sweet sweet boy. He is the gentlest gentleman, super cuddly, loves to be pet and as you can see in his model shot, very handsome Quotes
Christine & Ruben
So Happy!

Quotes I am so excited that we purchased our tricolor little man from you! Know my store in Manhattan, "Stoopher & Boots" in Manhattan, 385 Amsterdam Ave., will have 2 cavalier mascots!!! The kids come in for their fashionable cloths and get to love and hug my cavaliers!! Check us out on StoopherandBoots on Facebook or Stooper on Instagram and you will get a glimps of how our cavaliers stay with me 24/7 at home and at my shop and are proud to be business owners - lol! Quotes
Mom of 2 cavaliers

Quotes Our Princess Cavalier is just what the doctor ordered! Our kids adore her, especially my daughter with anxiety. She is so loving and comforting to the entire family! I think we all needed her more than we realized. Now we know the power of a well bred cavalier - all the unconditional love they give, their amazing sweet temperment and their fun, playful nature. The entire family dynamics has improved since Princess has joined our family. It has been 3 years now, and I had to let you know how much she has given us all. Thank you for being so detail oriented and careful with your breeding. You dogs are priceless and we thank you for letting us purchase one from you. Quotes
Sue & Family

Quotes This is a long overdue note to tell you how thankful we are for our perfect pup Teddy Dog. We have officially had him for a year now and he improves our quality of life every day. He is a sweet, cozy love with a heathy and entertaining ! He is relentless about getting his quota of love and snuggles each day and we are happy to oblige. He is active and generally gets two huge walks each day. My husband says he is an athlete! He particularly loves his beach walks. He started out very timid about the water at the beach but now he charges in if he has a bird in his sights! He did get neutered at about six months. He is gorgeous inside and out and we feel so lucky to have won the dog lottery for the second time! He had huge shoes to fill and he has stolen our hearts . We love him and are thankful that you trusted to put him in our care. I am including some of my favorite of the many many photos I take of him. Quotes
Alix & Family

Quotes A little Albert is over 1 year old now. He was neutered last fall . He weighs about 12 lbs. He is a family favorite and admired everywhere he goes. The Senior citizen home where my mother lives cannot get enough of him. He is handsome, energetic and well mannered. Quotes
Seb & Becky
Proud Cavalier Parents

Quotes Hi Robin, it has been a few years since we spoke, but my cavalier boy is the greatest thing that happened to us! He is so well trained, sweet, loving and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. I gave your name to a few people looking for quality cavaliers recently, they are hard to come by. Thank you again for adding so much joy to our lives! Quotes
Mary Ellen

Quotes After owning one of your pups for a few years, we cannot imagine life without him! He is so loving and friendly - a real family member. thank you again! Quotes